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Some important questions about Skool
Is there a personal website? Where can we set our FAQ, Review forms and other features? How does the onboarding work? Can I add Name + Email and it'll send automatically Welcome Email+Credentials? Can I customize Welcome Email? Can I create several products/courses? Can I create several offers including different products/courses? Can I segment users with Tags? Can I hide any module for a a group of users? Come funziona attivazione? Inserisco account e viene inviata una mail automatica? Are Reports, Data and Progress % (single and group) available? Can I schedule Modules releasing? Can I set a Module as depending on previous ones? E.G. Users can't view Module 4 if they don't complete Module 1, 2. and 3 Can I make an email announcement to my users? Can I send it to a group of them (with Tags) too? Is my comment going to be published on the Community if I add it to a Module/Lesson? Audio transcription is an automatic feature? How can I get it? Can I send private messages to a group of users on my Community (as an admin)? Can I hide the "+ Create a Skool" button from Skools' Menù?
New comment Jan 25
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@Sam Abeysekera - If you are uploading the video as an attachment, the limit is 100mb. For sharing videos, we recommend using one of the supported hosting platforms - Vimeo, Youtube, Wistia - and using a link to post to Skool community and classroom modules.
2 likes • Jan 22
@Josie King The $99 skool subscription is only for the group creator. Members only pay the subscription for the group
New to Skool. Who dis?
New comment 19h ago
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@Alex Hormozi - Happy you're here, dude!
Skool API... is it planned?
I will admit I've only just started playing, but was instantly delighted to see the invitation by webhook function which allows Skool to be used as part of an automated membership pipeline. Unfortunately I cannot see a way to remove people as I don't think you yet have an API, so I wondered if this is planned? Just as you can add a member by email, it would be good to be able to remove one from a group by passing the group_id and email BTW it all looks really good so far! Dan
New comment 9d ago
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@Odey Kassam - Sorry no plans for this at the moment.
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@Odey Kassam sorry no update
Wordpress integration
this is awesome. I'm using Slack for my community but this would be a fantastic addition. Will there be a way to integrate this into our wordpress site?
New comment Dec '23
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@Pete Renzulli You can apply to host your own group on Skool here. Currently it's invite only, but if you apply, you'll be one of the first to know when we're ready for more users. We review and onboard more groups regularly, so if you put your name in we can get to it soon.
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@Garry Malone - Skool is now open for everyone at the $99/mo per group price. Same with referrals 🙌🏻
Inviting To Courses Via Webhook
Does Anyone Know How To Invite Someone To Skool AND Specific Courses With A Webhook?
New comment Dec '23
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@Brody Boyd - help doc on these kinds of actions for Zapier are here
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@Brody Boyd - not at the moment
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