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Connecting With Other AI Agency Owners
Hello! I'm Mert, a co-founder of Monk Media Hub, an AI Automation Agency based in Istanbul, Turkey. We focus on helping small to medium-sized e-commerce businesses automate their systems and processes with Al technology. We help e-commerce businesses save time and boost profits with custom AI solutions. I would love to connect on LinkedIn and share ideas! Here's my profile link: I also just set up my Twitter account and will regularly share things I find valuable:
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G’Day Mert, Welcome to the community.! Check it out, get involved as you should find things you’re looking for within. Catch you soon.!
Hi everyone, my name is Laurentiu, I am a beginner when we talk about AI, and I would like to learn more about AI tools and how can be used for personal use. Good luck to all of you!
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G’Day @Laurentiu Saceleanu & welcome to our community. You’ve made a great choice going forward in getting involved with AI. In my opinion with just starting out you should attempt to hit the ground running concentrating on utilising the excellent modules & prompts provided here in “The 4Hr. AI Workweek” while interacting with the community if you’re able to as it’s imperatively important that you do so as the motto is that “No-One gets left behind.” As for tool’s, if you work your way through the modules provided the most necessary tools you’ll need to function effectively are suggested to you in the early stages by our community leaders / educators & with all that you probably will have more than enough initially to accomplish your goals. Anyway, Good luck.
Arctic by Snowflake
Arctic, designed for Enterprise AI use. Arctic focuses on the B2B market and aims to solve the expensive problem of building custom language models for businesses. With 480 billion parameters and 128 experts, Arctic excels at Enterprise tasks and is cost-effective to train. Snowflake is open-sourcing all data recipes and research insights under the Apache 2.0 license. Arctic is available on Hugging Face, and Snowflake claims to provide Enterprise intelligence at a lower cost than competitors.
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Ways to run Llama 3 locally👇🤩
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Thank’s for posting this Lyle as I look forward to testing it out when I get chance.! I will just mention that I’ll post some info in General Chat on an another promising option for Enterprise of which you would have some clients. When you get chance check it out.!
Get 3X More Job Interviews with These 7 ChatGPT Prompts:
I know many are on the lookout for new job roles in the current economy. I'm working on something special that'll be immensely useful for jobseekers. More details coming soon. Here are some basic prompts to help find a job if you're currently looking: 1/ Analyzing Job Descriptions ChatGPT can distill the most important aspects of a job for you. Just copy your target job description. Then paste it into ChatGPT and ask: "Highlight the 3 most important responsibilities in this job description: [Insert Job Description]" 2/ Tailor Your Resume ChatGPT can help personalize your resume for a target role. Just say: "Please personalize my resume for this [Job Title] role at [Company]. Here is the job description: [Paste Job Description]. And here is my resume: [Paste Resume]." 3/ Optimize Your Resume Bullets Take it one step further by optimizing your bullets. Copy a bullet from your resume. Paste it in ChatGPT and say: "Please rewrite this bullet in under 20 words using compelling language and measurable metrics from my resume: [Paste Resume]" 4/ Write Your Cover Letter ChatGPT can also help you write a highly personalized cover letter. Just say: "Please write a personalized cover letter for this [Job Title] at [Company]. Here's the job description: [Paste Job Description]. And here is my resume: [Paste Resume]." 5/ Prepare For Interviews (Part 1) ChatGPT can help you understand what companies are looking for in their interviews. Just ask it: "What specific skills and experience should I highlight in an interview for [Job Title] in [Specific Industry]?" 6/ Prepare For Interviews (Part 2) ChatGPT can also help you anticipate interview questions you might be asked. Just ask: "What are the 10 most common questions companies ask when interviewing a(n) [Job Title]?" 7/ Prepare For Interviews (Part 3) ChatGPT will also help you answer those same questions. Copy one of them and ask: "Draft an answer to the interview question [Insert Question]. The answer should use compelling language and include measurable outcomes."
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Well, I’d like to offer you my best wishes for safe & exciting travels as you embark on this journey to your new destination & may all your best karma set everything up perfectly so that you can hit the ground running in Canada.!!! - Don’t forget the postcards …
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MyKey - Career in IT & Infrastructure management in manufacturing. 3D Design & mechanical engineering, laser’s, robotic’s, CNC automation system’s.

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