Lifelong Learner finding purpose
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Joined Jun 16, 2024
I’m just a student of life and more.
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Joined Feb 18, 2024
Miami, Florida
Business, Data & AI consultant surfing, turistika, investicie, sebarozvoj
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Joined Feb 14, 2024
IT Engineer with over 25 years Tech experience pivoting into the IT recruiting & Staffing space, focus on software developers & Cloud Architects
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Joined Jun 9, 2024
I built a 7 figure education business. I am a two-Comma Club X holder. I Help entrepreneurs chill by leveraging courses, services, and communities.
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Joined Jan 18, 2024
AI engineer
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Joined Mar 1, 2024
We have industry-leading expertise in clothing customisation, including knowledge in sublimation, screen, digital, vinyl printing and embroidery.
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Joined May 6, 2024
South Wales (Cross Hands)
The 4 Hour AI Workweek
Mission: Learn how to triple your results in half the time. Dream: Achieve a 40-hour week's work in just 4 hours with ChatGPT and AI tools in 2024!
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