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Hey friends! 👋 Welcome to the Zenpreneur Community. Our goal - Help you transition to an agency owner earning $10k+/month with peace of mind. Here is how we will help you reach this goal: - Comprehensive, multi-step, actionable guide “The Zenpreneur Method” - Monthly live collaboration calls hosted by me and guest hosts - Lean into the community for recommendations via posts and DMs Start by checking out these links: - Classroom - Scale to $10k monthly profits with your agency business without burning out - Mission - Why I created The Zenpreneur Method - Resources - All the resources you’ll need to build your high-ticket agency business - Credo - Create your custom Zenpreneur Credo As a new Zenpreneur, we want to get to know you 🤝 Comment below: 1. Your name and backstory 2. What are you currently working on? 3. What is your focus for the next 90 days? 1 year? See you in the comments!
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Entrepreneurs who need market validation?
Hi All, I'm new to the community. My name's Lucie Dawson. Mario kindly invited me and I'm excited to contribute and share any resources that might resonate with some of you. As a founder of a startup in mental health and wellness I am obsessed with ways to show market validation. This podcast is invaluable for doing just that... Daniel Priestly shares exercises are cheap, agile and most of all effective. So many good nuggets of wisdom in this conversation. Hope you enjoy. Please feel free to DM and say hi! I love meeting other entrepreneurs/coaches and people who want to change the world!! Much love, Lucie
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100% attendance rate
First Zenpreneurs call last week. We got 10 fuck yeses. 10 Zenpreneurs showed up. That's clean, isn't it? That's exactly what we want to see from this community. If you're going to show up for yourself, we will show up for you. More details coming soon on a 3 week challenge @Mario Lanzarotti and I are hosting in March. We want you to have a $10,000+ coaching and community experience for exactly $0. When Mario offered to serve this community, we did it under one condition. We want to see real results and wins for Zenpreneurs. Just after 1 call, one of the Zenpreneurs @Abirah Hamayun shared that she made 2 sales. It's a common occurrence when doing this work with Mario. Look. We'd much rather have 10 active people in the community who show up for themselves vs 400+ people who are passive. The community grew larger than we anticipated. We can simply not serve 400+ people in 1:1 calls/ DMs. But we will make it a point to serve those who show up in the group calls. We will start purging inactive members soon. The community challenge in March will serve as the indicator of who's in vs who's out. More on that soon.
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"Treat Every Engagement as an Opportunity to Add Value and Make a Difference."
Thank you @Mario Lanzarotti for leading a powerfully influential call and @Shivam Jha for organizing! It's calls like these that really motivate me on this path of entrepreneurship. Everyone on the call was fully present, motivated to enact real change, and generous in sharing authentically. Mario was very talented in guiding us through a meditation, identifying limiting beliefs, and providing relevant advice. I left the call feeling inspired and spent the day finishing a YT project I have been procrastinating. Top Takeaways from the First Zenpreneur's Call: - #1 most important thing for coaches (or anyone) to do is speak from integrity; personal experiences are a source of integrity because it was YOU who went through it - Sharing your story - stick to what moves you; the transformational hero's journey; identify ONE problem that you solve through your story (and can help others do) - Trial / Discovery Period - Work with people to help them for free; identify patterns; build solutions for common issues; GET REFERRALS - Testimonials - specific descriptions; share the results, no the process - Do you have a chronic problem? - Do you really want to change? You (may) have become reliant on negative emotions because you use them as fuel to keep going (David Goggins); give up victimization - Grounding process - Feel your Feelings: 1. What story are you telling yourself? 2. Breathe and Be there 3. Evaluate and make a Conscious choice (what will SERVE me the most right now) The difference between a thriving life and business and a miserable one is a DECISION. The foundation of the Zenpreneur philosophy is making conscious decisions.
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“Blessed is he who plants trees under whose shade he will never sit.”
Hi, my name is Lukas. I'm from Chicago living in Ecuador, and my company is Zutalu. I'm in the travel & transformative experiences niche. I want to become a Zenpreneur because: 1. A conscious business is a leveraged way to generate disproportionate value from invested time and effort 2. A community of individuals with similar flavors of vision increases learning rates, support, and overall enjoyment in the entrepreneurial process 3. I choose to trust; the synchronicities of my mind, will, and heart have lead me to invest(igate) this community. For fun, I like to: 1. Adventure with loved ones - explore cities; local hikes, enter different realms of conversation 2. Play in nature - climb volcanoes, surf, mushroom hunting, examine the intricacies of whatever bug comes my way 3. Cook - I enjoy cheffing up healthy and delicious for others and myself One action step I can take this week to move closer to being a Zenpreneur is: Define my strategy to $10k/month by June 21st with accompanying roadmap and deliverables
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