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📣 Welcome! Start here.
Hey friends! 👋
Welcome to the Zenpreneur Community.
Our goal
  • Help you transition to an agency owner or coach making your first 6 figures with peace of mind.
Here is how we will help you reach this goal:
  • Comprehensive, multi-step, actionable guide “The Zenpreneur Method”
  • Monthly live collaboration calls hosted by me and guest hosts
  • Lean into the community for recommendations via posts and DMs
Start by checking out these links:
  • Classroom - Scale to 6 figures with your agency/coaching business without burning out
  • Mission - Why I created The Zenpreneur Method
  • Resources - All the resources you’ll need to build your high-ticket agency business
  • Credo - Create your custom Zenpreneur Credo
As a new Zenpreneur, we want to get to know you 🤝
Comment below:
  1. Your name and backstory
  2. What are you currently working on?
  3. What is your focus for the next 90 days? 1 year?
See you in the comments!
Mario Lanzarotti
📣 Welcome! Start here.
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A place for coaches, agency owners, and freelancers to make more money with more peace of mind. We help you break into 6 figures without burning out!
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