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Can I Finally 'Crack' The Traffic Nut On Medium?
I've tried previously on Medium, with absolutely minimal results, though things picked up ever so slightly recently when I did a "5 Day Challenge" encouraging people to create an info-product from PLR, with the idea of doing an affiliate promo for a product showing people the best platform to sell their products on, & a PLR site I've just published a new post in a 20 day follow up series to this, and after looking at the stats I'll try to work out what to 'Tweak' to get more views and reads. I'll try to get all 20 days scheduled to free up time for other tasks
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Increase Your Sales Instantly By Finding A Better Headline
Free Headline Generator Increase Your Sales Instantly By Finding A Better Headline Everyone knows that the Headline is 75% of your ad's effectiveness... Now you can generate dozens of great headlines in minutes, not hours or days. Just follow the simple instructions below, click the "Generate" button, and view the results page.
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Getting started
Someone just asked how to get started with list building/affiliate marketing. This was my reply: Sign up for an email provider like Aweber or ConvertKit (both have free trials) and create a landing page with a free offer. Think headline like "How I got X result in Y time without Z" for example, "How I lost 10 pounds in one week without exercise". Then a sub headline that supports it like "Download my free report to see the exact steps I took". Then a button with a clear CTA (call to action) like "Download the free report". This page will either show the opt-in form for people to join your email list. When they fill out the form, Aweber (or whoever you use) will automatically send them an email with a link to your free report. When you promote this page/offer on social media, blogs, forums and even paid ads (start with free), people will opt-in and your list will grow. Then you give valuable content to your readers (tips, case studies, strategies, things you've actually done) and occasionally point to affiliate offers that you genuinely believe will help them solve a problem, people will buy and you'll make money. That's list building/affiliate marketing in a nutshell. 🙂
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Email Sales Funnel
This model of email marketing has been working great for me for over a decade. Enjoy!
Email Sales Funnel
The Complete Guide to Using Quora for Marketing
Are you using Quora for marketing your business? Would you like to learn some basic and advanced Quora marketing tips? Using Quora for marketing may seem overwhelming if you’re not familiar with the …
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