It’s TEDx Time!!
It’s FINALLY happening!! 🤗
Meet my amazing #TEDx Coach, Tucker Stine! 🥳
A mutual friend introduced me to Tucker about 6 months ago and I knew he was something special. He has such a kind heart and truly cares about people, in addition to just being a good human. ☺️
He has been extremely patient and supportive as I’ve worked and navigated my way through this extensive process. It included many tears and disappointments that recently turned into literal dances and audible cries of “Thank You!” He kept telling me it would work out when it’s time.
Well, Tucker … it’s time!! 🙌🏻
Keep an eye out for more info to come! I’m so excited to share this journey with you! 🥹
Thank you so much for making this possible:
Shawna Foshee
Susan Shell Pruitt
Cynthia Dean Charboneau
The Cross Family Foundation
USAO Foundation
Rob Miles
JP Audas
Jennifer Hughes Dooley
Amy Thurman
It’s TEDx Time!!
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