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Michale Gabriel on You Tube
Hi dear ladies today my talk with Michale is online. She shares her gift in creating an intentional life using the power of story. It is really amazing what impact it could have on our life and on the lifes of others when we dive deep into our stories - how painful or joyful they might have been. Here is the link to the talk: Please share the link and sign up as well to the channel. Thank you all and have a wonderful weekend. with gratitude Beate
Mahatma Chris Griscom in my Channel today
Hi ladies - I am so excited to have Chris on my show on the YouTube Channel. Here is the direct Link to the Talk with her: She is The World’s Leading Authority on Reincarnation. She has been recognized five times by The Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, based in Calcutta, India. The Board awarded Ms. Griscom the Sewa Chakra Award, past recipients including the late Mother Teresa and the Dalai Lama. In addition, she has been awarded the International Healing Award for Excellence in a Lifetime of Service to Humanity, also presented to her in Calcutta. She was the only woman and the only United States citizen to receive this award. The IBAM has further honored Ms. Griscom by bestowing upon her the title, Mahatma, meaning “Great Soul.”
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Jessica Bourchard is online
Hi dear ladies - happy new year to all of you ! Just for this new beginning I have a wonderful talk with Jessica Bourchard on the You Tube Channel. Here is the direct link: It would be wonderful if you would like to share the link to our episodes. There are so wonderful people who share their experiences. Please listen, sign and send it to the world. Thank you.
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Karen Whelan is online
Dear ladies - today the talk with Karen Whelan is online on my YouTube Channel. Here is the link: She shares her story and how you can forgive. It is amazing. Please listen, sign in and share with the world. Thank You
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My first man...
Hi ladies, today I have the pleasure to invite you to the new episode on the New Earth Vibration & Soul Alignment Channel with my FIRST male talk partner JEFF IMRIE! He is such a kind person. And he has been given the "job" to create angel wings. It is an incredible story. Please listen... This is the direct link to our talk. He as well is looking for interested people to make the creation of 21 angel wings a reality. Three are already finished. See pics below. Thank you for joining the channel.
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