Mahatma Chris Griscom in my Channel today
Hi ladies - I am so excited to have Chris on my show on the YouTube Channel.
Here is the direct Link to the Talk with her:
She is The World’s Leading Authority on Reincarnation. She has been recognized five times by The Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, based in Calcutta, India. The Board awarded Ms. Griscom the Sewa Chakra Award, past recipients including the late Mother Teresa and the Dalai Lama. In addition, she has been awarded the International Healing Award for Excellence in a Lifetime of Service to Humanity, also presented to her in Calcutta. She was the only woman and the only United States citizen to receive this award. The IBAM has further honored Ms. Griscom by bestowing upon her the title, Mahatma, meaning “Great Soul.”
Beate Nimsky
Mahatma Chris Griscom in my Channel today
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