Facing our fears as Moms
I did something scary this weekend. 😱
I was super nervous and had all sorts of stories going on in my mind about how it would go... even though it was something I had done many times before.
I went snowboarding for the first time since the pandemic...so 4 years.
Like I said, I've done it many times before, but the big time gap and issues like my balance (much better, but still a little off from Lyme and mold) made me feel like I was a beginner again.
But I got out on the hill, and faced my fears. And I was okay (minus stumbling taking my daughter on the magic carpetπŸ˜‚).
When I got to the chair lift, I reminded myself that I've done it before and I'll do it again. I vowed to take it easy and I did. I got off the first lift with my son and we made it down together. I was actually teaching him so it forced me to slow down (which makes snowboarding harder) AND I survived! Woo Hoo! πŸ‚
As Moms we encounter scary things all of the time, but one of the scariest is the thought of not being there for my kids.
I want to be there for every single one of their firsts, their milestones, their wins, their failures, their loves, and their heartbreaks.
I want to be there for every moment for as long as I can while being as healthy as I can.
I recently had a very similar conversation with a Mom I'm currently working with.
She said that what finally made her take her health seriously was her lack of energy to make it through each day. She felt like she was already missing out because she had to nap or say no to things she wanted to do with her family but didn't have the energy to.
She also said she was scared to start because she didn't know what we'd find, but she's glad she did now because after 6 weeks she has more energy and feels better every day.
Many of us can all relate to that.
I know even though I treat Lyme and mold for a living, I was scared as heck to test myself because then I'd know. And I'd have to do something about it (and I did).
I told that Mom I could relate and we came to the conclusion that facing our fears was better than the alternative. Especially when there's so much positive on the other side.πŸ’–βœ¨
Have you ever been scared to face something you know you should? Did you do it? What was the outcome?
Stephanie Davis
Facing our fears as Moms
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