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Community and Communication in Parenting: Podcast Episodes
Hey Mamas! The 2 most recent The Thriving Mama podcast episodes have dropped and highlight topics we discuss frequently in The Thriving Mama program, the importance of community and also communication in parenting. Link: In Episode 2 I interview my good friend Cara Kelley who is an international speaker and group facilitator about finding your tribe as a mom and adult, ways to cultivate authenticity in groups and communities, and the health benefits of human connection. Episode 3 is very special because my friend and mentor Alexander and I discuss from the masculine perspective on how to support your wife and relationship during the transition of having a new baby, and the significance of communication, community, and flexibility during the journey. He shares powerful information for both Mom and Dads about nurturing and caring for the marriage during this transition, as well as ways you can support each other's needs while also nurturing the baby. I'd love to hear your feedback on the interviews and topics you'd like covered. I'd also be so very grateful if you would like, subscribe and leave a review. 🙏😊
Podcast Launch! The Thriving Mama 💖
Today I'm celebrating the launch of my podcast, The Thriving Mama! After almost 2 decades of watching moms struggle with issues like overwhelm, stress, low energy, anxiety, etc. I wanted to give them options to meet them where they're at and support them on their journey from just surviving to thriving in motherhood. The podcast will not only showcase experts and myself, but also real moms who want to share their journey from surviving to thriving at all stages of motherhood. This project has been decades in the making and truly represents the culmination of my work thus far and where I'm going in the future. Personally, it's taken me a while to get the to this place. For the longest time, I was comfortable being behind the scenes working on many big projects and products in the integrative and functional medicine world. But during the last several years, it felt wrong. Something inside was pushing me to live my purpose so I made some scary changes but I had many amazing people to support me along the way in so many different ways: as friends, teachers, mentors, and colleagues. So this is truly a coming out party for me. I would be so grateful if you could join me on this journey and support the podcast by listening, subscribing and leaving a review.🙏💖 In Episode 1 I share my own journey and struggles, and my passion for helping moms and families. The soon to be released episodes 2-4 have amazing interviews with Cara Kelley discussing the importance of community for health, Alexander Om on supporting your wife during the early stages of motherhood, and Maya Shetreat sharing so much knowledge on master plants and how they can support us on our healing journey.
Wanna have some fun??
Let's play a game! In the spirit of March Madness, let's have some fun! 🏀 When I do in person or group sessions where I want people to authentically connect, I'll do an activity or game to break the ice. Three Truths and a Lie is a fun one. I'll go first and I'd love for you all to guess. I'd also love for you to share your 3 truths and a lie too so we can get to know more about you! 🤗 A) I'm a direct descendant of Aaron Burr. B) I got accepted to Harvard. C) I'm a direct descendant of JFK. D) My great (x5) uncle led a multiracial unit of Union troops in the Civil War.
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I'll let you guys know the answer after There have been some guesses. 😊
Can you relate??
Mamas, I created this meme today because I was trying to work this afternoon but my kids were not having it! Do you ever feel like this??? If you are on Instagram (@thrivemamatribe) you should check it out there because the music makes it 🤣🤣.
I've been quiet because I'm working my butt off for my new baby: The Thriving Mama podcast launching in 2 weeks!! Today I received these awesome stickers from Celine and Justin at Podigy Podcasts. So grateful for all of their help and support along the way. Can't wait to get this out there! 💖 More announcements to come! 🥳🎉
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@Christie Espie thank you 🥰
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