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Thriving Mama Group Call is happening in 8 days
Welcome to the Village! ***Read First***
We want to get to know you, so please tell us about yourself my answering the following questions. 1. Who are you, where are you from, and if you work- what do you do? Drop a photo too if you'd like! 2. What are your biggest wants and desires from this community? 3. What do you do for fun? 4. Fun or interesting fact about yourself? I'll go first 😊 1. I'm Stephanie Davis and I live in Colorado, just north of Colorado Springs in a town that sits at 7,500 feet above sea level (we get some crazy weather patterns here). I've been many things professionally: a microbiologist (5 years) -> then Functional Medicine Practitioner (17 years) and Medical and Research Consultant (7 years)-> and about 4 years ago I started doing many energetic, emotional and trauma courses and certifications. My favorite thing is being a mama to my precious kiddos (who are currently almost 6 and 10.5). 2. My desire for this community is for it to be the VILLAGE WE ALL WANT AND NEED. The phrase "it takes a village" originates from an African Proverb and conveys the message that it takes many people- an entire extended support system- to raise children and for everyone to thrive and flourish. This is our village!!! 3. My favorite thing to do for fun and relaxation is to get into the mountains. One of my favorite phrases is, "the mountains are calling and I must answer." That is truly my happy place (or snuggling my kiddos). 4. Fun fact: I have deep family roots in the political scene here is the U.S. Maternally I'm distantly related to the Kennedy's but paternally I am a direct descendant of Aaron Burr (yes, the guy who shot Alexander Hamilton is literally on my family tree).
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Facing our fears as Moms
I did something scary this weekend. 😱 I was super nervous and had all sorts of stories going on in my mind about how it would go... even though it was something I had done many times before. I went snowboarding for the first time since the 4 years. Like I said, I've done it many times before, but the big time gap and issues like my balance (much better, but still a little off from Lyme and mold) made me feel like I was a beginner again. But I got out on the hill, and faced my fears. And I was okay (minus stumbling taking my daughter on the magic carpet😂). When I got to the chair lift, I reminded myself that I've done it before and I'll do it again. I vowed to take it easy and I did. I got off the first lift with my son and we made it down together. I was actually teaching him so it forced me to slow down (which makes snowboarding harder) AND I survived! Woo Hoo! 🏂 As Moms we encounter scary things all of the time, but one of the scariest is the thought of not being there for my kids. I want to be there for every single one of their firsts, their milestones, their wins, their failures, their loves, and their heartbreaks. I want to be there for every moment for as long as I can while being as healthy as I can. I recently had a very similar conversation with a Mom I'm currently working with. She said that what finally made her take her health seriously was her lack of energy to make it through each day. She felt like she was already missing out because she had to nap or say no to things she wanted to do with her family but didn't have the energy to. She also said she was scared to start because she didn't know what we'd find, but she's glad she did now because after 6 weeks she has more energy and feels better every day. Many of us can all relate to that. I know even though I treat Lyme and mold for a living, I was scared as heck to test myself because then I'd know. And I'd have to do something about it (and I did). I told that Mom I could relate and we came to the conclusion that facing our fears was better than the alternative. Especially when there's so much positive on the other side.💖✨
Moms, do you REALLY love yourself??
Moms, I have a difficult question for you. Do you love yourself? Really, truly love yourself? When you first see this, you might be thinking of course I do, silly. But now I'm going to challenge you. Go to a mirror and say I love you. What do you feel? Feel any icky feelings, twinges, pains, nausea, or anything else? If so, it means you don't love yourself as much as you think you do. I experience this in an unexpected way 2 weeks ago. During a class we were given an exercise to address self limiting beliefs and subconscious programming that might be holding us back. I couldn't think of anything, so decided I'd work on it later. The next morning I did something I NEVER do. During my work hours I responded to an Instagram notification and I typically don't do this during the day so I stay productive. When I clicked on Instagram a post showed up talking about unconditional love for your children and in that moment a thought struck me, and it was, "you love your kids more than you love yourself." In that moment I broke down crying because this was clearly something I needed to work on that my subconscious was making me aware of. I didn't think this was the case because of the emotional, trauma, and self growth work I've done over at the last 12 years, but especially the last 2. I've done so much work surrounding limiting beliefs, self worth and self love that I didn't think this was actually possible. And I KNOW I need to love myself just as much as I love my kids so I can show up and be the best version of me for them. So I reached into my toolbox and worked on the WHY behind that. And each day repeat that statement, "you love your kids more than you love yourself." I eventually got to the place where I didn't cry or even feel any of the negative, icky feelings. I actually felt GOOD when I said it. Then I said, "I love you," to myself in the mirror and felt amazing (that's never happened before). What makes me sad is that I see this everyday in my practice and out in the world. Moms that won't prioritize themselves because of those self limiting beliefs and subconscious programs.
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What do you need?
Hey Mamas! I want to hear from you about the topics you want covered in webinars, lives, podcasts, posts, etc. I have added a poll of the questions I get asked most frequently, but feel free to add whatever you want and need. The poll might limit us to one answer- if that's the case please comment on all you'd like to have addressed below. Thanks! 🙏🫶
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TIME! Here's how to get more
Group call from 2-6-24 is posted in the Classroom for program and membership members. In it we discuss the illusions surrounding our thoughts about time (usually that we don't have enough), some of the reasons why we sabotage our time during the day and how to get more of it.
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