Good at networking.
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Hi, I'm Aleta. I'm an active, homeschooling mama of 3 littles - ages 7, 5, and 2. I own Mountain Mama Pelvic Health, LLC, in Monument, CO.
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35, spreading positivity, excelling at work, hiking, and cooking. "Spread happiness, embrace challenges, live life to the fullest."
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I am a mom of seven with ages ranging from 27 down to 8.
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I'm a stay at home mama to three daughters, and a birth doula on the side. I'm so thrilled to be here and to thrive again.
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Proud Persian mama in Chicago
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Wifie and Mamma to 3 amazing little ones and I am trying to find my way in the world of elimination and autoimmunity since my graves disease diagnosis
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Entrepreneur. Educators. Empowerer.
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Midwestern gal who loves being a mama!
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Mama of 2 and artist in Central PA pursuing health and joy.
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I’m a mom of 6. Since the first 4 are not biologically mine, I was able to physically handle it all. After my 2nd pregnancy, I deteriorated!
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Wife, mama, chiro, farmwife/wannabe homesteader
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Wife, mom of 3, Marketing professional ♥️
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Stay at home mom of two boys.
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Mom of two boys living in Charlotte NC.
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