Unlocking the Secret to Employee Loyalty and Dedication
Do you ever wish your employees loved the business as much as you do?
Guess what? They are probably wishing that you cared as much about them as you do about the business.
This isn't about pointing fingers.
We all care about our team members and I wouldn鈥檛 work with an owner who didn鈥檛.
But sometimes we forget to show it.
When people don't feel special, they usually don鈥檛 work as hard and very often these days, they just leave.
There's a great book on this topic called "Never Lose An Employee Again" by Joey Coleman.
He tells us why workers might feel this way: It鈥檚 not always about whether you care, but more about whether your employees feel and know that you do.
Coleman zeroes in on three critical gaps in many employer-employee relationships:
  1. Lack of Understanding: Beyond their skills with a wrench, computer or customer, do you know what really drives your employees? Are you aware of the personal challenges they grapple with?
  2. Lack of Demonstrated Appreciation: Recognition isn't just about bonuses or Employee of the Month plaques. When did you last thank a team member for their commitment or contributions with no strings attached?
  3. Lack of Connection: Genuine connections breed loyalty. How often do you chat with your team members one-on-one, not as a boss but as someone genuinely interested in their well-being?
If you're intrigued by these ideas and would like to forge stronger bonds that benefit both you and your employees, I'd recommend diving deep into Coleman's book. You can pick up the hard copy or listen on Audible via Amazon.
Embark on this transformative journey toward mutual appreciation, growth, and, most importantly, rock solid employee retention
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