“There are no techs available in my town.” Wanna bet?💸
Over the years I’ve spoken to lots of shop owners who had the belief that there were no skilled techs available in their small/rural town.
On the surface, this may appear to be the case but going into a hiring situation with this mindset guarantees failure before you even begin.
Yes, this may be a challenging situation but it’s not unsolvable.
I know because we’ve done it dozens of times.
Here’s how I help our clients shift this mindset from negative to positive so they can find the talent they need to grow.
I always start by telling them two things:
#1 - Stop looking for love in all the wrong places!
#2 - Change your definition of the word “available”.
Let me explain…
If you have a limited supply of technicians in your area and you set out to attract them by grabbing a generic ad template off the internet and posting it on a job board that every other shop in town uses…
What do you think your chances of success will be?
Yeah, about zero.
You’ll get an application from the guy you fired two years ago (the same guy that applies every time you post a new job).
And a few other folks who work at local sandwich shops or shoe stores now, but “ I helped my dad work on the family car on the weekends when I was a kid. And I’m good with my hands.”
That’s what I call looking for love in all the wrong places!
Next, let’s work on that definition of “available”.
Most shops I talk to think available means a tech who is actively looking for a new shop and is trolling job boards and Craigslist every day.
Let’s expand this mindset.
What if our definition of available was expanded to include:
  • Techs who are working but they’re in no man's land. They aren’t pissed enough to take action and find something better, but they aren’t happy where they are. Each day for them feels like a slow grind with no end in sight and they would jump at the chance to consider a new opportunity.
  • Techs who may be a great fit for your team but they have no idea that what you offer is even available to them. Your unique value as a shop is the best kept secret in your area.
  • Technicians from other cities that want to move into your city or back to your city because they have family there.
  • Technicians whose significant other/spouse or friend is sick of hearing them gripe about their shop and is more motivated to help them find a new shop than they are themselves.
  • Technicians who know your employees but up to this point, your employees have not been properly incentivized to make the introduction.
Expanding your potential talent pool is about getting creative!
When your plan focuses on reaching technicians who aren't actively job hunting, you face less competition, start more meaningful conversations with the right candidates and hire faster.
Step out of the conventional hiring box and start engaging with potential hires where they are.🔧
Chris Lawson
“There are no techs available in my town.” Wanna bet?💸
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