The #1 Reason Technicians Ignore Your Messages
Ever wonder why techs ghost you after the first call/email/text and stop responding?
It’s because you didn’t make a connection with them.
There are two critical steps that you need to accomplish during your first communication with a technician candidate…
Step 1 - Find out if they have the basic skill sets you need in your shop (of course this won’t be perfect on a quick call but you can get an idea).
Step 2 – Grab their attention and set the stage for the next conversation (phone interview, in-person interview, shop visit, etc).
Do you hear crickets when trying to follow-up with techs?
It’s because you didn’t do step 2.
Ask these two questions on every initial call from now on…
1. What’s going on that has you checking out new opportunities at the moment?
2. If we were sitting down one year from now and you were to look back over the previous 12 months and all your personal and professional goals had been accomplished, what would that look like?
With two simple questions, you now know what problems and frustrations the tech is having with their current shop and what they want to accomplish personally and professionally over the coming year.
This is all of the information you need to craft a compelling employment offer, and keep their attention when communicating in future conversations.
Show them that you listened.
Show them you care.
So, write these two questions down on a sticky note and post them above your phone so that you have them handy whenever you hop on a call with a prospective team member!
Miranda Schwan
The #1 Reason Technicians Ignore Your Messages
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