Tech salary questions? Find clarity now!
Listing the wrong salary in your help wanted ad for high end automotive technicians can completely derail your recruiting efforts.
If you offer too much, techs will be skeptical and won’t apply.
If you don’t offer enough, experienced techs who know what they are worth will move on and not apply.
Damned if you do, damned if you don’t…right?
Not so fast!
I’m going to show you a quick and dirty way to get yourself in the ballpark with a solid salary that will attract the right techs.
Before we start…
Let’s be clear, this calculation does not take into account your business financials, labor rates, efficiency, gross profit, etc.
I highly recommend that you sit down with a wise shop owner or competent business coach to do these calculations for your business ASAP. Total clarity around these numbers is critical to your long-term business success.
With that disclaimer given, here’s how to find that number quickly:
Step 1 - Navigate over to Indeed and type in the position that you are interested in advertising and the city that your shop is located in.
Step 2 - Open up an Excel spreadsheet.
Step 3 - Go down page 1 of the listings recording into a column in Excel the top end of each salary range for every job post on the page (there will be listings for all levels of techs. Don’t worry about that for now).
Step 4 - Do the same for page 2.
Step 5 - Pop over to ChatGPT and type in the following prompt: [Please analyze this data series in tabular format:].
Step 6 - Copy and paste the salary data from the excel spreadsheet at the end of the above ChatGPT prompt.
ChatGPT will provide you with a beautiful statistical analysis of all competing jobs on page 1 and 2 of Indeed for the queried position.
Step 7 - Input this prompt in ChatGPT: [How does the number [YOUR PROPOSED SALARY - TOP END OF THE RANGE] relate to this data set?]
ChatGPT’s output will compare your proposed salary (high end) with the high end of all the other salary listings on page 1 and 2 of Indeed and give you a neat and tidy summary.
Of course, after you gather the salary data you could simply eyeball the numbers but I like the precision of this method.
How do you use the data?
Remember, when a tech checks out your job on Indeed, it is on a page with all of the other competing jobs in the area.
In other words, they see all of the salaries together and it’s very easy to compare and reject the unrealistic or lowball offers.
If your proposed salary for a Certified Master Technician is $80,000 for example and that number is solidly in the middle of the road according to the analysis...
What are the odds that a tech with those qualifications is going to get excited about your opportunity?
Not very good.
Chris put together a quick 5 minute training that walks you through how to do this. It's live in the Technician Find Community classroom.
You don’t have to get stuck on salary.
Use this quick and dirty method to get you in the ballpark and start those high-quality applications flowing.
You can work out the fine details after the interview once you’ve evaluated the candidate's experience, culture fit and attitude and then make a fair employment offer that will work for everyone.
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