Stop requiring applications and resumes up front!
Are you having trouble generating a consistent flow of qualified technician candidates but insist on getting an application or resume before you will speak with them?
That’s a big mistake!
You’re adding friction to the hiring process when you should be doing the exact opposite…
…making it easier to start the conversation.
Let me explain…
🔧Techs that have been working for the same shop for a long time don’t usually have an up to date resume.
Asking for a resume immediately puts this task on the back burner for a tech because they are too busy and will “get to it later”.
Of course we all know that later never comes.
🔧What if they just have a few quick questions about your ad or your shop and they aren’t ready to commit?
They sure as heck don’t want to fill out pages and pages of applications or sit down to update their resume just to find out that your shop isn’t going to be a good fit.
And you both lose.
🔧What if they have experience or skills that aren’t listed on the resume?
You miss out on a gem in the rough.
🔧What if they know other techs who might be interested in your opportunity?
You miss out on potential referrals because you never got a chance to talk to them and ask.
Filling out an application is a commitment.
Updating a resume and submitting all of your personal information and work history to a stranger is a commitment.
Have you earned the right to ask for that commitment?
Here’s what to do instead…
List your mobile phone number in the ads and make it easy to send a text to get the conversation started.
It’s simple, it's easy and it gives you the chance to build trust and the basis for a long-term relationship, before you ask for the commitment.
Miranda Schwan
Stop requiring applications and resumes up front!
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