Discover the Power of Relocating Technicians
How do we attract talent from outside the region? How do we grab attention and convince skilled technicians to relocate to this tiny town?
The answer?
A four-fold approach for placing a different type of help wanted ads.
Step 1 - Add a section to your ad that is relocation-focused: Go beyond the usual job description - think “Travel Brochure”. Highlight the advantages of living in your area - be it the serene environment, the close-knit community feel, lower living costs, access to nature, etc.. Paint a picture of a life they might not have imagined.
Step 2 - Brainstorm what you would be willing to offer in terms of relocation assistance. It can be money only but try thinking outside of the box. We’ve had shops offer to rent a truck and help techs move, offer a vacant house near the shop rent free for 6 months so techs could settle into the new area with their family, and we’ve also had shops apply 100% of the sign-on bonus to moving expenses.
Step 3 - Use the term “Paid Relocation” in the headline of the job ad. Put it right up front and generate curiosity that will get more clicks on the ad.
Step 4 - Place the ads in major cities outside of the normal commuting distance of your shop and promote them heavily by boosting or sponsoring them to generate more exposure. You can use social media, job boards, Craigslist or any other distribution channels that will get your ads in front of technicians who are outside of your local area.
When you begin the conversation, take the time to understand the desires and fears of potential candidates.
If you do this right, you'll have all of the information you need to structure your relocation package so it will work for you and the tech.
Lot’s of shop owners we talk to are afraid to offer a relocation package because they think it’s going to cost them too much.
We always ask the question, “do you feel comfortable having a conversation with a tech about what it would take to get them to work with you?”
If the answer is yes, that’s all it takes to get started.
I know you know this but here’s an important reminder, it's not just about filling a position; it's about bringing in someone who can grow with you, fit in with your shop's culture and add value every day.
And sometimes, the best candidates are just outside of the geographic areas that you’ve been focusing on up to this point.
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