Open carry in the bay?馃槻
Ever had an employee whose actions disturbed the workplace balance?
One of our clients had a technician who wanted to open carry a firearm at work, causing unease and potential liability.
This isn't just about a single incident.
It's about workplace safety, team morale, and maintaining a professional working environment.
When a situation like this arises, you're faced with a hard decision. But what if letting them go leaves a gaping hole in your operations?
Our client faced this dilemma.
And after prioritizing safety and harmony, they had to let the technician go.
The lesson learned?
Always be prepared.
Ensure you have a deep bench you can call on or a way to generate consistent flow of applications on demand.
By having a 'deep bench', you're not held hostage by one employee's actions.
Instead, you empower your business, ensuring smooth operations regardless of individual staff changes.
Don't wait for a crisis to realize the importance of a continuous talent pipeline.
Start building a strong bullpen today.
Miranda Schwan
Open carry in the bay?馃槻
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