Introduction to High-Performance Teams
If there's one thing that I've seen over the years that will attract and retain top talent, it's building a strong culture and high-performance teams.
Over the last 5 years I've watched my friend Shawn Gilfillan do both.
That's why I invited him to share an overview of his High-Performance Teams Apprenticeship with you.
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Unlock the secret to stability and peak performance with "Introduction to High-Performance Teams" - a FREE virtual session exclusively for independent auto repair shop owners!
📅 Date: Monday, October 30th
⏰ Time: 1:30 PM ET
📍 Location: Zoom (Link and passcode can be found in the event calendar)
Join Magical Solutions and Shawn K Gilfillan, owner of Automotive Magic and Magic Lube and Rubber, for an eye-opening journey into leadership and culture excellence.
Have you ever thought, "we need …
… to simplify/clarify the structure in the shop
… to eliminate our silos (Front of the house vs. the shop)
… to be more strategic
… our levels below to take more ownership
… to accelerate our talent
… to get out of the weeds?"
Then HPT might be for you.
Don’t miss out on the chance to rev up your shop's performance and create a thriving work environment! Mark your calendar now and take the first step towards a brighter, more stable future.
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Chris Lawson
Introduction to High-Performance Teams
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