How to motivate your team馃檪
Ever felt like your employees are just clocking in and out, missing the bigger picture of your auto shop's story?
When your team doesn鈥檛 see how they fit into the grand scheme of things, motivation wanes, and work becomes just another job.
Imagine the untapped potential when everyone pulls together, understanding and passionate about the bigger goal.
Here鈥檚 the magic trick:
馃敡Find your WHY: Define your shop's mission, vision, core values, and purpose. Why does your shop exist, and why does it matter?
馃敡Share the Story: Show each team member how their daily tasks align with the shop's bigger story.
馃敡Value their Contribution: Remind them frequently that their role is crucial. They aren鈥檛 just fixing cars; they鈥檙e a vital part of a story, a community, a mission.
When employees see their role in the bigger story, work becomes more than just tasks.
It becomes a shared journey, boosting morale, dedication, and service quality.
Incorporate this approach and watch your shop thrive!
Miranda Schwan
How to motivate your team馃檪
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