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New Hiring Strategy for Finding Automotive Technicians [PODCAST]
Having trouble finding talented techs?
That's the big roadblock to your shop's growth and profitability right?
I can chatter on for as long as I like about the tech shortage and salary inflation, but what if you’re an independent shop owner without an unlimited budget to throw at job boards, salaries and sign on bonuses?
And who has time to waste chasing deadbeats who ghost you before the first interview?
I mean, sure, you could go stalk techs on their lunch hour near your local dealership or write your name and phone number on oil filters and have a friend drive the vehicle into your competitors shop, but seriously, is that how you want to run your business?
Is there actually a way to find good techs today that’s not shady and won’t cost you an arm and a leg?
Well, that’s exactly what Carm Capriotto and I talk about in this podcast episode.
I’ll show you how to polish your online presence, where to find good techs and how to structure your ads to grab their attention and get them to apply. They’ll also show up for your interviews, and if you do a good job of “selling the dream”, they’ll join your team and become productive and happy employees for years to come.
Sound good? Well, click the link below and listen to the podcast.
It will be a good use of your time.
Warmest regards,
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