Have You Ever Felt Like Job Boards are A Waste of Time and Money? 😩
I just got off the phone with a shop owner who was spending $2,000+ per month on Indeed and getting diminishing returns (he was less than thrilled with the platform).
I asked him if he knew how the job board game worked and there was silence on the other end of the phone.
I took this as a teachable moment and put on my educator’s hat.
Here’s what I told him…
A job board/website like Indeed allows you to post your open positions that people who are actively looking for work will see.
You can pay for the privilege of keeping your job on the first page of the site until you’ve bought enough clicks to exhaust your daily budget, then your job falls to whatever page it should be on based on the chronological order of when you posted it.
As a shop owner or manager, there is a big problem with this business model...
Every other shop in your area is paying Indeed to do the exact same thing (get more eyeballs on their ads by staying
on page 1)!
At any given time, only 5% - 10% of the technicians in your area are actively searching for work (this means that you and all of your competition are throwing money at Indeed fighting for the
eyeballs of 5% - 10% of technicians in your area who are actively looking for work).
Does that sound like a winning formula for recruiting?
Yeah, I don’t think so either.
Here’s what to do instead...
There’s no doubt, Indeed is the undisputed heavy weight champion when it comes to their resume database.
Purchase a monthly subscription and do daily resume searches to find good techs and invite them to apply for your open positions.
Ditch the sponsorship of ads.
Paying per application or a hefty daily sponsorship is like a cash furnace.
These tips will help you use Indeed or any other job site like a pro to get more solid candidates for your open positions.
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