Great tech, bad timing?🕰️😕
Have you ever found a great technician for your shop, only to hear, “It's just not the right time for me?”
It’s frustrating and a huge let down.
And you know what this means?
Back to the drawing board to start the search all over again.
Don’t give up so fast!
In marketing there is a concept known as “ripening” or “warming up” leads.
At any given time there is only a small percentage of potential customers who will want or need to purchase your product or service.
That’s life.
So instead of throwing away all of the leads that their marketing system has generated, smart business people stay in touch with those leads until they are ripe and ready to buy.
It works the same way with employees.
There are tons of reasons why candidates don’t move forward. Here are a few:
  • Timing is off (kids in school, spouse out of work, other family/life issues, etc.)
  • The pain of their current situation hasn’t reached a breaking point (they don’t love their current shop but it’s not bad enough to do anything about it…yet)
  • Your offer isn’t attractive enough (down the road you may add additional benefits and be able to sweeten the offer)
As the old saying goes, the only humans that like change are babies with wet diapers!
So how do you stay top of mind so that when a tech is ripe and ready to make the change they think of you?
  1. Regular Check-ins: This doesn't mean pestering them every week. Instead, set up monthly or quarterly casual coffee chats or quick calls. This keeps the line of communication open and allows you to discuss industry trends, provide updates about your shop, or just catch up. It keeps you in their mind without being pushy.
  2. Networking Events: Invite them to industry events, trade shows, or training sessions. Even if they can't attend, the gesture of invitation portrays that you value their presence and consider them part of the industry's community.
  3. Newsletters: If your shop has a newsletter or weekly email, make sure they're on the list. Share stories of successful repairs, new certifications, team events, or updates on equipment and tools. It not only keeps them in the loop but also showcases the growth and positive culture of your shop.
  4. Social Media Engagement: Connect with them on social media platforms or other industry-specific networks. Share, comment on, or like their posts. It's a subtle way of staying visible in their network. Additionally, regularly update your own profiles with achievements, updates, or vacancies, ensuring they see the progress and environment of your shop.
  5. Celebrations & Events: Whether it's the shop's anniversary, holiday parties, or an informal BBQ, extending an invite to them can help them feel connected. It offers a glimpse into the work culture and camaraderie of your team, making your shop an even more appealing place to consider in the future.
Staying in touch doesn’t have to be hard, it just has to be consistent.
In fact, some of the ideas above can actually be automated.
A strong follow-up game can help you build a deep bench.
And a deep bench can buy you a lot of peace of mind.
Hiring the right people so they can grow is the toughest challenge many shops deal with.
How would it feel to cross this one off of your to do list?🌟🔧
Proven templates, strategies, training and top-level networking to help independent auto repair shops hire quality staff faster.
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