Fed up with late employees?
Ever felt the weight of a disrupted workflow when a new team member can't seem to respect time?
It's that unsettling moment when the clock ticks past the start time and the bay or desk remains empty…again.
The workload piles up, customers get restless, and the rhythm of the day gets thrown off.
Not to mention the blow to team morale.
Before things escalate, it's critical to approach the situation head-on.
Having a candid conversation can clear the air and set expectations quickly.
Here’s how to do it…
This excellent 7-step framework for having a tough conversation is shared in the book “Fierce Conversations” by Susan Scott.
  1. Name the issue.
  2. Select a specific example that illustrates the behavior or situation you want to change.
  3. Describe your emotions about this issue.
  4. Clarify what is at stake.
  5. Identify your contribution to this problem.
  6. Indicate your wish to resolve the issue.
  7. Invite your partner to respond.
You have sixty seconds to do it all.
This powerful opening statement will set the stage for an open and honest discussion about work expectations.
A smooth-running shop relies on everyone being on time so don’t shy away from potentially difficult conversations like this.
Miranda Schwan
Fed up with late employees?
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