Every shop owner's nightmare: watching a harmonious team get torn apart by a bad hire.馃が
Ever hired an automotive technician only to watch them disrupt your team's harmony?
It鈥檚 amazing how much damage one bad apple can do in such a short period.
A single bad culture fit hire can lead to a domino effect, damaging team morale and your shop's culture.
The solution?
Discover your core values - and write them down!
In How To Be A Great Boss, Gino Wickman shows you exactly how to do this very quickly.
Step 1 - Think about three people in your business today that you admire and wish you could clone.
Step 2 - Think about the qualities, actions and character traits that make them such a valuable asset.
Step 3 - Write these character traits on a piece of paper and examine them carefully (your core values lie somewhere in this list).
Step 4 - Select the top 3 - 7 (less is more) that clearly articulate what you value and stand for as a business.
Now you have a concrete list of character traits to evaluate every new prospective team member during the hiring process.
The more traits they align with, the better potential they have of fitting in with your shop culture.
Of course this process won鈥檛 guarantee that every hire you make is a rock star culture fit but it will make those bad hires fewer and farther between.
So dive into this simple process today and shield your team from the next potential tornado threatening to tear through your shop.
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