Ever wonder why you can have ads out for weeks and not get any decent applications?🤔
It might not be about pay or location or even benefits.
It's probably about TRUST.
Here's the game-changer every shop owner should know about building rapid trust and credibility in their help wanted ads!
First the truth: trust is hard to come by.
I tell the story all the time in podcast interviews about the tech who told me that “every shop says the same things to get you to come on board and you never know what you are getting into till you go to work at the shop and by then it’s too late.”
Guess what?
Every tech that reads your help wanted ad is thinking the same thing.
And techs that think you are full of B.S. don’t apply.
Every missed application is a potential top-tier employee slipping through the cracks.
It’s a bad situation for the technician too because it's a missed opportunity for them to finally find a reliable workplace that matches their culture and values.
It’s loose, loose.
I've seen incredible technicians skip out on great opportunities because they didn’t have enough information about the shop to trust the new environment.
So, just do this…
Add a link to your customer reviews in your job listing.
This lets you showcase your credibility instantly!
Online reviews have been proven again and again to be the most powerful source of third party proof and validation that a product or service is worth investing in.
And it can work for your shop!
Want to make sure that your repair shop stands out in the sea of job listings and has the clout to pull applications?
Make trust-building effortless.
Add a link to your top customer review platform in every one of your help-wanted ads from now on.
You’ve spent years of blood, sweat and tears gaining those hard won reviews. Now it’s time to put them to work for you!
Technicians deserve to know they're joining a reputable team.
And you deserve to have A-players helping you to build your dream.
Build that trust and watch that trust pave the way for top-tier talent to join your team.
Miranda Schwan
Ever wonder why you can have ads out for weeks and not get any decent applications?🤔
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