Ever felt like staffing a new location is like trying to build a car without parts?
Pumped up about opening a new store, but dreading the hiring?
You're thinking, "Got this killer new spot, but where the heck do I find the right crew to run it?"
Here's the real talk: The playbook for building a high performing team at a new store starts with a deep bench.
New location? Dig your well before you're thirsty.
Picture this: Your new shop, engines humming, techs in sync, and customers lining up. All because you staffed it just right. Feels good, doesn't it? It ain't just a daydream.
馃敡 Strategy Snapshot: Start early.
Get your creative, benefit filled ads ready and get them running ASAP.
Get to know the talent in the area. Build relationships and tell your story.
But most importantly, capture names and contact information!
You want to build a deep bench of potential talent who will be ready to go when you cut the ribbon on the new store.
You鈥檒l probably want to take a few seasoned employees with you to show the new folks how things are done in your culture so finding replacements at your existing store will also be a consideration.
Your new location isn't just about new business; it's about building new relationships.
Get your team right, and they'll drive the business for you.
Opening a new shop? Don鈥檛 reinvent the hiring wheel; just tweak the blueprint and start early.
Miranda Schwan
Ever felt like staffing a new location is like trying to build a car without parts?
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