Don't waste time or $ on ads like this...
We hear this statement from clients a few times per month...
"Hey Chris, I saw this ad for Techs on Facebook and I like it. Can you make our ads look more like this?"
This is a rookie mistake and I'm not going to let you make it.
The reason why our ads work is because they don't look like ads!
🔧Ads that look like ads give the brain permission to tune them out.
🔧Ads that look like ads don't generate curiosity and get less clicks.
🔧Ads that look like ads put you in the same mental category as all of your competition (especially the dealers!).
🔧Ads that look like ads don't communicate your culture or paint a vivid, realistic picture of what life could look like at your shop.
The last thing you want is for your ads to look like ads.
What do you mean by ads that look like ads Chris?
Ads that use:
-Stock photos
-Fancy writing on the image
-Corporate slogans or cheezy copy that reeks of a professional advertising firm representing a corporate dealership.
-Drone on and on about job requirements, what the shop demands, expectations and qualifications.
Ads like this blend in with all of the other noise on social media and go unnoticed.
For more engagement and more applications from the right people...
Make your ads personal and real.
Use real photos of your team and shop.
Talk about the personal transformation that an employee can expect when they make the transition over to your shop.
Talk about all the things that make your shop unique and special.
Btw, if you hadn't noticed, the attached image is what NOT to do.
Chris Lawson
Don't waste time or $ on ads like this...
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