Can a help wanted ad be too long?馃
After running thousands of ads over the past five years for auto and diesel repair shops, here's what I've learned...
NOBODY reads an ad all the way through on the first pass.
It doesn't matter if the ad is long or short.
The simple truth is that an ad is never too long, it鈥檚 too boring!
Everyone scans an ad on the first pass and what they are looking for is what is important to them.
If something catches their eye, they will slow down and read more. Sometimes if they are really interested, they will go back and start from the beginning.
And if they don't see anything that interests them?
They don't click and they don't apply.
So how do we know what's important to a technician reading the ad?
We don't know.
That's why we don't post a random selection of bullet points and hope that we strike a nerve.
We need to include a broad range of potential hot buttons in each ad.
These hot buttons include headlines, bullet points, pain points, bold sections, ALL CAPS, short
paragraphs, emotional appeals, calls to action, social proof, credibility, etc.
Now when I say "hot buttons" I don't mean gimmicks, exaggerations or lies.
I mean honest to goodness benefits of your shop and what you offer that makes you unique and worthy of a technician's time and attention.
I've done lots of training on how I write ads (format, structure, psychology, etc.) and you can find all of it in the Technician Find Community if you are interested.
The point is to get technicians to reach out or to head over to your landing/application page.
If your ad doesn鈥檛 do that, it doesn鈥檛 matter how long or short it is.馃専馃敡
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