Are you having trouble attracting a steady flow of qualified technician candidates? 
The modern job market has evolved, and with it, so have job seekers' expectations.
Adding barriers early on, like demanding applications and resumes, might be causing you to lose out on prime candidates without even realizing it.
Let's consider a few scenarios:
Jake, a seasoned tech with 15 years at the same shop, sees your ad. He's curious but doesn't have an up-to-date resume. Instead of applying, he thinks, "I'll update my resume and get back to this." But life gets busy, and he never does.
Sophia just wants to clarify a couple of things about the position. Your ad grabbed her attention, but the thought of filling out a 4-page application to qualify for a simple phone interview to answer her question feels like a waste of time. So, she moves on.
Miguel might not have everything listed on his old resume, but he's acquired new skills that could be an asset to your shop. If you just spoke to him, you'd understand his value.
Bill only has two years under his belt working for a professional automotive repair business and he is weak on diagnostic skills. On paper, he wouldn’t be a good fit for your shop. But, he works at a local dealer with 8 other technicians. Several of those techs are certified master technicians and they are all upset because of the new management’s “my way or the highway” attitude and they are in the beginning stages of looking for another shop. A quick conversation with Bill might land you 2 or 3 rock star techs!
Now, imagine if you made it easier for Jake, Sophia, Miguel and Bill to reach out.
Consider this – what if you gave potential hires an easier way to start the conversation?
And stopped making them jump through hoops before you’ve gained their trust?
By simply listing a mobile number and encouraging a quick text, you start the conversation and pave the way for trust-building and laying the foundation for a more robust commitment later on.
Of course you will need a resume and application eventually but don’t start there.
In today’s job market for highly skilled talent, that’s almost as bad as asking for marriage on the first date.
Let’s change the dynamics of your hiring process.
Focus on starting conversations and building trust.
Before long you’ll look around and see a fully staffed business with happy team members.
Proven templates, strategies, training and top-level networking to help independent auto repair shops hire quality staff faster.
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