Are the job boards you’re using not pulling their weight?
Your advertising budget is precious, and it should be invested wisely to attract the right technicians.
But if you rely on job boards exclusively, you’re probably struggling to get enough high-quality applications.
Here’s why that is…
At any given time only 5% - 10% of technicians in your area are actively looking for jobs.
That means 10% max are on job sites searching and 90%+ of techs in your area aren’t.
So, no matter how much money you spend on those platforms, the best you can possibly do is get in front of 10% of the technicians in your area.
But it gets worse…
All of your competitors in the area who are also spending money on these platforms are also competing with you for those same 5% - 10% of techs.
Is it any wonder why you aren’t getting the applications you want?
Do this instead…
Fortune 500 corporations figured out years ago that top talent already have jobs and don’t usually troll job boards on a regular basis.
That’s why they started using social media to find them.
The next time you post a help wanted ad on a job board, also post it on your favorite social media platform.
Instead of spending all of your ad budget on the job board, split it with social media by boosting your post.
If your ads are compelling, what you will find is that you will get your ad seen by more people and get more quality applications than relying on job boards alone.
The big corporations are on to something here.
Follow their lead and get candidates from social media.
Miranda Schwan
Are the job boards you’re using not pulling their weight?
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