Auto shop coach, management trainer, industry consultant.
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Shop foreman turned owner of a successful Euro centric shop looking to expand.
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Paul Kane 63 Affordable Automotive Brick NJ
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I spent 30 years as a helicopter technician and working on cars on the side before deciding to open my own shop. We've been open 3 years now.
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Skiatook, OK
Shop owner
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I am Jerry Heirigs, my wife Mary Ellen and I own J & M Transmission and Auto Service. J & M was started in Aug 1993. I started as a one man show.
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Owner of Jimmy's automotive center in Asheville Nc. We have been in business since 1987 general repair shop still loving it keep building it.
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Sherry & David Dolejsi - owners at Circle D Transmission. CDT has been serving the greater Houston area since 1976, we are transmission specialists.
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I've been a shop owner for 18 years before that worked as a fleet manager for the local telephone company
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I am the owner of MTR Mobile Transport Repair, founded in 1996. I started MTR from the back of my truck, blood, sweat & tears. 26 years, life is good.
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I'm a car guy
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Manage dealership & service shop Interested in being a good dad, cars, coffee, etc!
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Shop owner in VA. Father of 3.
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President-National Transmission & Auto Care.
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I am the owner of Johnson County Automotive in Merriam, KS. I have been a technician my entire life and have owned the shop 21 years.
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Angel (Kauai)
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Saving the world. One shop at a time
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Euro Imports British German Italian Motorcars Experts Specialist
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Work at leading and growing great people. Interested in less stress and a clear mind
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Family owned and operated since 1961, with 3 locations to service Charlotte, NC.
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Charlotte, NC
Shop owner for over 32 years. That is now gone multi location.
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Hi, I’m Dan the owner of Performance Motor Works
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Well in the business since 1998, managed Aardvark since 2006, purchased shop 4 and a half years ago. V8 engines!
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Amarillo Texas
I am committed to helping others with personal and professional development! I am proud dad of three beautiful girls and a loving husband to my wife!
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Roxbury NJ
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