Introduction + Thank You Andrew
I wanted to say thanks for letting me into Synthesizer School a creating the synthesizer course
Just started it and it is epic!
Thanks for the value
Some of you might know me and maybe other don't
So I am going to introduce myself
Hey my name is Dustin
I am in school while being an entrepreneur in the service based business space for the last 9 months + Other business models before
some of my long term goals are
By the end of 2030
  • $1 million N.W
  • 1 million subscribers ( idc as much about this as long as the fanbase is strong & I make money )
By the end of 2025
  • 1 month in business with $100k
  • 50k subscribers
  • $100k N.W.
Right now I am currently working on taking a deep dive into topics I am teaching or need to learn for my current problems right now
As well as building out the rest of my coaching program
Nice to be in here 馃憢
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Dustin Jenkins
Introduction + Thank You Andrew
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