Giovanni Cristiano
Introduction + My Journey From 0 > $84k/mo
Introduction + My Journey From 0 > $84k/mo
Hi Synthesizers, my name is Giovanni, I am a 19 year old Entrepreneur, and I currently run an agency, which I have scaled to a 7-figure run rate.
I found Andrew's YT channel a few years ago, which threw me into the self improvement world, dopamine detox, monk mode, etc. One thing lead to another - and here we are
Regarding my business - these were the 3 acquisition funnels I used to scale to this amount:
Number 1: Instagram outreach > I leveraged lead scrapers like PhantomBuster and a white label software + appointment setters to send 500 DMs / day
Number 2: Paid ads > I spent $5k on ads on an ad > VSL > booked call funnel, and I made a X6 ROAS (Something Alex Hormozi calls Client Financed Acquisition)
Number 3: Instagram Inbound > I posted daily stories showing off client results + CTAs for people to DM me, I would then run them through a script and convert them as a phone
Appreciate you reading my introduction to the end, and I'm excited to connect & add value with fellow Synthesizers.
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