[MicroConf] 7 App Ideas
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The video titled "7 App Ideas That Will Make a Developer VERY Wealthy This Year" by MicroConf presents seven innovative software as a service (SaaS) ideas that could potentially be lucrative for developers. Here's a summary of the video:
  1. Competitor to Plaid or Yodlee: The video suggests creating a service similar to Plaid or Yodlee, which are platforms that connect fintech apps to banks. The existing services are reportedly difficult to use and often provide dirty data. The video suggests that a better version of these services could be highly successful.
2. Net Worth Tracker: The video proposes the creation of a net worth tracker that can automatically analyze a person's financial accounts and provide insights on their diversification across different portfolio drivers. The current solutions are not satisfactory and often require manual work.
3. Slide Generator from Prompts: The video suggests creating a service that can generate PowerPoint or Keynote slides from prompts. The existing solutions are not satisfactory, and the video suggests that a good solution could be highly successful.
4. Platform to Make HACCP Paperwork Easy: The video suggests creating a platform to simplify the paperwork associated with Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), a system used in agriculture production. The current process is time-consuming and could be greatly improved with a good software solution.
5. Mobile App for Hiring Temp Workers: The video proposes creating a LinkedIn-like platform for temporary workers, such as construction workers. The current process of hiring temp workers is reportedly a nightmare, and a good solution could be highly successful.
6. Amazon Seller Utilities: The video suggests creating a comprehensive tool for Amazon sellers that can provide a wide range of services, including searching Amazon rankings, providing quick data, doing reverse ASIN searches, managing taxes and sales, and more. The existing solutions are reportedly not satisfactory.
7. Elasticsearch for Tax Accountants: The video proposes creating a service that can help tax accountants sort and classify assets based on more precise criteria. The current solutions are reportedly not satisfactory and require a lot of manual work.
The video emphasizes that these ideas are ambitious and come with high risk but also high reward. They are not validated and would require further research and validation before pursuing.
Robert Boulos
[MicroConf] 7 App Ideas
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