Retired radio communications tech. Permaculture novice practitioner,novice calisthenics practitioner. Artist, musician, figure skater and Cook
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Cape Town, South Africa
Hey ich bin Mary :) Rollerskaterin und Gründerin der ersten deutschen Rollerskate Community hier auf Skool & legendären Skate Retreats in Portugal.
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Just beginning this skating journey on some VNLA Parfaits
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Skating since April 2023
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Going on 2 years now on skates! So much to learn and grow. IG yaneli.skates🛼
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Jeep Girl that loves to skate! Getting back to it after being away!! Come skate with me!!! 🛼🛼 O|||||||O🐥🐥
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Moini! Ich bin Maria und ich liebe Rollerskates & Hula Hoops - manchmal kombiniere ich das auch 🙃 Let's roll together 💕
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Skating since March 2022 but really started learning since June 2023 when I started Sk8 Shot classes. Now I’m obsessed!
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Kansas City MO
您好我是宇淏 專業金融 轉職靈性 正學習行銷
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MI biografía está en progreso...
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Tangie M. Cusp of Capriquarius 51 years old Live in PA I 🫶🏾 skating, because it feels like flying & in that moment, nothing bad matters 🛼🕊💕
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Mum of 4 trying to learn to skate fluently
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January 2024 I decided to pick it back up as “something to do” Now I’m hooked! Thank you for having me in the group.
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Kansas City, Missouri
54. … Skated as a kid… Returned to skating Thanksgiving wknd 2022 w/lessons w/Myesha SmoothGoddess…Being a 76x Marathoner has helped with my agility….
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Advanced beginner from Snap City Baltimore
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Hi! I'm Keisha. I love to travel, workout, go to concerts, eat good food, and of course skating! My dream is to own a roller rink or invest in one.
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One drill at the time 🛼
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I’m Kim from the Bay Area in California. Started skating on Valentine’s Day in 2021. I was bitten by the skate bug and now want to learn EVERYTHING.
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Learning myself more and more every day!
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A little bit past a beginner. True southern girly that wants to grow up to be the cool dance skating auntie!
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Just having fun on 8 wheels.
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Took a long hiatus but I'm back! Having to relearn while having fun.
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Live and skate in Tucson, AZ. Visit KC couple times a year.
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Mother of 2, grandmother of 2.
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Hi Skate Journey started March 2022. I found joy in my skates and I love it!
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Seeker of Truth
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skate, pinball, plants
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Here to learn and get busy
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Retired life
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