Driving start-up and small businesses towards exceptional and sustainable results
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Management Consultant, Thought Partner, Family Man
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Consulting EU and Vietnam, Real estate
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Power of self improvement
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Always learning. Helping businesses with Technology.
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Medical Clinic Director. Constantly curious about human potential.
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Life is about creating experiences...creating good ones :)
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CyberNorth - BDR/AE
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Executive function coach helping college students & professionals design systems that work for them, weekend adventurer, and dog mom
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Help businesses to get the best out of their CRM
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Project oriented guy & avid runner
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I'm a Senior Executive with 30+ years of professional experience, specializing in organizational leadership, GTM strategy, and P&L execution.
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I train and coach sales engineers and software sales teams.
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Small Business President | Founder, Technology Consultant to Sr Leaders, Mom of Teens (aka Mother of Dragons). Driven, Nice and Human.
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Seattle, WA
Behind the scenes making things happen. Hockey mom, coffee enthusiast.
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Hunting new clients
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Software for college students to better manage their time. I love hiking, biking, riding motorcycles and flying airplanes.
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I'm a father, husband, author, advisor, angel investor, musician, and golfer. I help technical sales people realize their full potential.
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Eradicating Illiteracy as a Marketing Manager at Reading Horizons
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Sales Leader focused on growth and improving efficiency.
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Saas Sales Consultant
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Business Development Executive for IT Management Solutions. I am interested in Developing strong lasting relationships. =)
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Driven, Hungry, Motivated and Willing to take on any challenges that will enable me to achieve my long term goals.
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