Sales Pro
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Dallas, TX (Plano Suburb)
Entrepreneur. Traveler. Author.
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Halifax, Nova Scotia
Owner of RadiansAI, discovering new radians of custom relations
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I have been in sales and sales training for 30+ years. I have written three books on value and value selling and am known as The Value Sales Expert.
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Halesworth, Suffolk
I am a founder and CEO of TransforMentum. I help aspiring women executives to get the recognition and compensation they deserve more quickly.
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Ironman triathlete, high performance triathlon coach, Would be golfer, accountant, business owner and a Positive Person
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Peter is a Director of UKBA and the Bracknell Improvement District. He has been working with business owners in UK since 2005 when he returned to UK,
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From Argentina, 55 years old, +20 years experience in capital markets, graduate in economics, ontological business coach, like to work in network.
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Bạn có kiến thức, kinh nghiệm? Muốn chia sẻ những hiểu biết đó cho thế giới?
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Hà Nội.
Former accountant who now helps businesses achieve better results by having better meetings.
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De-mystifying, & giving clients meaningful numbers I am an accountant & bookkeeper managing a family firm (with my daughter) doing all things finance!
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Brough, East Yorkshire
CRM Specialist, Data Cleansing/Compliancy/Data Profiling/Security/CCTV Redaction, customised CRM, making sure your CRM is following your workflow.
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Coach and teacher of business acumen.
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Oxford, UK
Hello I am Anthony Hewitt of Juniper dogs
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Business & life coach, NLP practitioner, Accredited Mentor with Help to grow management, motivational speaker, author.
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Hello, I am Vanessa, I am a Virtual Assistant who helps business owners and entrepreneurs.
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Marketing & Research Assistant.
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A Business Protection Consultant who helps businesses and owners safeguard against financial loss, with tailored business protection insurance.
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Assistant Marketing Manager - Lifecare International
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Corporate and commercial lawyer
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Burnout Geese offers free , low cost and high end bespoke resolution of burnout for individuals and organisations Been in business over 30 years.
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UK and worldwide
Head of Marketing & Communications at Lifecare International
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Online Coach Let's make some money together!!
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Family & Business Accountant & Tax Adviser; Property Investment Accountant & Tax Adviser; Profit Consultant; Pricing Consultant. Qualified 1983.
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Basingstoke + Zoom
Helping busy professionals achieve their dream kitchen.
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Transformational Coach & Accredited Journey Practitioner, I help busy career women rediscover true happiness, satisfaction& meaningful purpose in life
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Bratislava, Slovakia
To come
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Paul Boross is an inspirational business psychologist and Humourologist who packs a punchline. Paul makes people laugh while they learn.
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Hi, I retired from business about 15 years ago and got involved in The Blockchain and Crypto world. I now use my knowledge gained to show others.
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Marketing Co Ordinator for 345 Technology.
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