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I read this quote from Keith J Cunningham today and I thought I'd share it with you...
"No business has ever failed due to a lack of vision. Most fail do to a lack of action".
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as Jeff Olsen says in the Slight Edge, it's easy to do, it's easy not to do (or something similar) It's about being disciplined and consistent and that is hard for a lot of people (me included) and being motivated to do it. It might be something outside your comfort zone or if you are making code calls fear of rejection?
Statement and a question for you...
So many people spend a lot of their time running a business looking for the latest opportunity. You know that one thing that's going to make a big difference to their business. However, the truth is what we should be looking at. What are the big mistakes that will make right now, but if we didn't could create significant growth in our business. For example, if you're not following up on Leads, then you're making one of those big mistakes. A good example of this would be that you send out an email to 5000 people and 496 of them open the email up. Of those 1,490 people 152 of them click through on a link to find out more on your website. These people are interested enough to read your email and not only that but they're interested enough to want to find out more about your product or service to do so they've gone to your website and really need following up. What are the big mistakes that you're making in your business right now?
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@Stewart Newberry I think we have the same issue although we are getting better at telling people what we do and how we help businesses owners with their goals whether that is growing the business or setting up processes so they can play more golf/spend time with the family
The two important ingredients missing from 99% of all small businesses
1. Thinking time 2. Training time What do you think? What have you got to add to this?
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You have to put time aside to do either of these and a lot of business owners either don't know that they still need time to work on their own business and themselves or are 'happy' with a lifestyle business that gives them enough month to survive/live off rather than thinking about growing their business. We have lots of Sole traders and directors who don't seem bothered about their numbers or have aspirations for their business and that is fine some people see running a business as an alternative to being employed that works more around family or other commitments they have (child care, taking care of partners etc) We are 9 working days away from the deadline to submit and we are still chasing sole traders who haven't given us their paperwork how can you know how well your business is doing if you don't have proper figures? (rant over. . . )
A BIG welcome to our latest member Jamie Allen
Jamie can help with all things database and CRM-driven. By the way, if you've not got a CRM system in your business, then in my opinion you need one. Why? Because you're probably missing out on thousands of pounds worth of business that you could be winning by using a CRM system, coupled with an email, marketing and even social media system. Not to mention the use of things like landing, pages and marketing analysis. @Jamie Allan
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We have a CRM/Practice management system, which can mean that we have lots of non-clients (prospects) on the system, if I were to get a separate CRM what would you suggest? (we are accountants)
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@Jamie Allan I'dbe up for that. Do you want to send me some details privately?
New 30 day membership removal system
My goal in creating the RESULTS Mastery University is to create a place for business people to help each other. To ask each others advice and seek support. I aim to provide training for people to learn how to create more sales, but this will only work if members take part. So I have decided to do this... If people do not login to the University at least one per month, then I will remove their free membership. If you want to try the paid membership you can do so for £39 VAT which is a no brainer. Steve
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Hi Steve - can you direct me to what you have access to for £39? I'm looking for some ideas for 2024 - Thanks
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