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Is it really a human thing?
During the Results Mastery Friday finish meeting today we got talking about why people don't take action. Anthony said that one of the hardest things that he does is give people homework after his dog training and then they don't carry it out. He comes back a week later and he can 'just tell' the dog has not had the training that the owner said they would do. We then discussed other more business-related examples. I have problems getting clients to complete their action plans. Mike has problems setting sales managers to coach their teams and so on. It was also suggested that it's a 'human thing' that we all don't do what we say we're going to do. I've been thinking about it over the last 45 minutes and actually, I don't think it is a human thing. I think it's a lack of success thing. I think successful people do take the actions that they need to take and unsuccessful people don't. It's as simple as that. What do you think?
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I am guilty of doing that myself. I think there are 2 ideas that can help. 1. What gets done is the net result of many conflicting demands on my time and attention. Depending on the health of my day job, my family members, my bank balance , the urgency of other commitments and my own energy levels, I re-prioritise activities daily. So a firm intention to get something done this week doesn’t always get a result, and in most cases I feel satisfied that I have made the right choices (rather than feeling discouraged that I didn’t follow through). 2. There’s evidence from studies that when people make a plan about when and where they will do a thing, rather than just committing to it without thinking it through, they are more likely to get it done. I suspect that successful people habitually make these plans whenever they come up with an intention, and that helps them get it done. 3. The third thing is clarity about the reason why. If you have a big enough, clear enough reason, you can find a way to do it. If you don’t clearly visualise the result of (a) doing it, and (b) not doing it, the motivation is much weaker. Bottom line: if you want to up the success rate, clarify the WHY, then decide on the WHEN and WHERE. And at the end of the week (or whatever your planning period is) reflect on what worked, what didn’t, and how satisfied you are with that. I hope this helps!
Want more Profit?
Hello everyone, I coach people (1:1 and in groups) on building up their financial literacy and business acumen. What that means is that you get a new and clearer view of how your business creates profit, and how you can make more of it. If you’re interested in finding out a bit more, you can watch a 45 minute webinar at, and you are welcome to book an hour of my time to discuss your business, your goals, and how you are working towards them. No pressure, and no commitment, I promise. I do this because I learn from every conversation, and a few of the people I talk to end up working with me, one way or another. You can ask me anything, so if there’s a few financial terms that you want to know more about, we can cover them too.
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Welcome to RESULTS Mastery University
Welcome to RESULTS Mastery University For over 28 years my goal has been to help small business owners to grow. Why? Because I know how difficult it is to run a small business. One of the biggest problems is a lack of knowledge and skills in what's required to grow a business (AKA sales and marketing). University membership is divided into 2 levels: FREE MEMBERSHIP - Gives you access to the community where you can share ideas. Ask for help. Share links to information. Even sell and market your products and services. You also get access to Events. Here you can find a list of events that you can attend. Most of which are free. In addition, there is something called a leaderboard. What this does is reward you for being involved. You get points for adding information, helping others and sharing the content of others. PAID MEMBERSHIP - As a paid member you get everything free members get, plus you get access to CLASSROOM. The classroom has 13 sales and marketing training programmes comprising of over 200 10 to 15-minute videos providing all the sales, and marketing training your team will ever need. This training is in BETA mode right now and so currently only costs £25 + VAT per month. Once you join your monthly fee will never increase. However, the price will be increasing to £99 + VAT per month soon. THE BOTTOMLINE - Joining RESULTS Mastery University will help you to grow your business if you take part and use it! Upgrading to the paid membership is a NO BRAINER and should generate £50,000 to £100,000 in year one for any start-up business and even more if you are established. ✅ Get started check out our welcome and intro video - ✅ Then jump into the next RESULTS Mastery 5-day challenge ✅ Then check out our daily event schedule -
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Hello everyone, I am Brian Helweg-Larsen. I have spent a career teaching finance and business skills in huge corporates, while running my own small businesses. My "day job" company is Profitability Business Simulations (, but I am mostly retired from that, and am now offering online financial acumen coaching through: Mastering Business Acumen. This is an 8-week live online course that starts with a very lively and informative business game, and continues with deep dives into managing profit, cash flow, working capital, capital expenses, etc. The topics are not just talked about, we do practical exercises on them, and then look at how they apply in your own business through homework exercises and more discussions, including 1 to 1s with me. This programme is in its infancy, although the content is very well tested and effective, and I am just getting my marketing started. If you are interested in testing yourself, try this quick quiz on financial know-how:
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