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Module 1
Here is my module 1. Or most of it. I ran out of phone space so need to finish that last heart breathing exercise. Module 1- embrace your energetic reset -power of holistic wellness and energy -understand mind body spirit connection -Techniques for m-b-s connection -heart activated breathing- activity -homework- where you are and set goals on where you want to be Link
The Plunge!
Ok, maybe took a lot of Rabbit wholes' at first but settled the mind and created a community! just did the preliminary today. Take a peek, Feedback I am begging for!! lol. Which domain once I get it all set up. Thanks @Chuck Ellis for the Chat, it pushed a thought to action.
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A small Win!
I intuitively got the nudged just go live on YouTube last night which I did and had a phenomenal time with two attendees, which is very serendipitous because one was a friend of mine who I hadn’t talked to for a while and got a notification that I was going live, and then another gentleman that joined and it was just a great conversation. It went for almost an hour, and it felt like 15 minutes so That really put some fuel in my rocket to make this a regular thing and just propel me into the stratosphere. I’m super stoked and grateful Chuck for your support patience and encouragement. This is only the beginning.
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I'm back!
Hello! Oh my gosh, it seems like I was in Kenya for much longer than 3 weeks. I MISSED so much amazing knowledge. Cannot wait to jump in and start now that jet lag has finished and I'm back to life as mom of 3 Littles.
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Just 3 Weeks!!!
I hit my first real milestone 🎉🎉 So much more fun and effective than funnels!!!
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