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Helping GenX (but all are welcome😁) turn your Profession, Problem Solved or Passion into monthly membership income and a paid community.

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Welcome to your step-by-step by guide to selling your advice w/ a monthly membership to generate predictable, recurring and scalable income w/ Skool.


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How to Control Skool Dark Mode
Here's how to change it @Daniel Ng 1. Click on Profile (your avatar or pic) 2. Click on Settings 3. Go down to Theme 4. Make your selection
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How to Control Skool Dark Mode
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@Marie-Odile Pirus I understand that point of view. My old eyes don't respond well to extreme light and small fonts 🤓 so I prefer dark backgrounds. I change it on every website if it's an option. Obviously it's personal preference. Thanks for your feedback!!
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@Josh Gerhardt thank you for that. I knew someone with far greater knowledge of this subject would help explain it better.
Light or Dark?
Do you prefer your Skool app or website in light or dark mode?
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@Daniel Ng here's the explanation 😀
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@Daniel Ng it’s definitely personal preference.
Special LIVE Coffee ☕️ Chat Sat. 6/15
I know lots of people have asked because they have individual questions. So I’m giving special limited access to our Select group’s Coffee with Chuck tomorrow. We start at 10:00 am EST. Use this Zoom link or just click the button for the next event at the top of the this community tab. Join us to take the next step in your process!
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Special LIVE Coffee ☕️ Chat Sat. 6/15
🚨 Daily Program Support for <$1 a day 🚨
One of the perks of our Select private membership is that we meet with you every weekday morning at 8am EST for a Coffee Chat. This is your almost daily chance to ask questions, get clarification and be shown (not told) how to do things so the information you get is actionable and not just a bunch of generic theory. Even if you can't join us at that hour, the chats are recorded in posted in the Coffee Chat archive. A vast majority of programs are not offering anywhere near that level of support, and especially not less for less than $1 a day 😮 It won't stay this way for long. The plan now is to keep it at this price until we get our first 50 members. After that it will increase to $47 a month, so don't wait if you want to lock in founder's pricing. If you're ready to upgrade, click here. P.S. - if you're already in Select, I would love you to share your feedback about these support sessions so others can see it. Also, if you have suggestions for improvement, I'm open to those too.
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🚨 Daily Program Support for <$1 a day 🚨
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@Cristian Tovar you are a true asset to our community as well. Thanks for being here.
Let Customized AI Help Build Your Skool
I've been working on something exciting inspired by something @Randy Kopplin shared in our community. I've customized a GPT specifically for Skool-related topics and the strategies and tactics we teach here in PackageSell. With PackageSell GPT, you can ask specific questions and get accurate and detailed answers without providing extensive background information and school and paid community structures. Here's a peak in this video, and link here and in the video to check it out. It's a game-changer for teaching and starting a Skool! Let me know below if you're going to use it and it is helpful to you.
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Let Customized AI Help Build Your Skool
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@Kirk Nugent happy to help any way I can. Looking forward to speaking with you more. Feel free to book a free onboarding call if you haven’t yet. Check your DMs for the link.
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Helping GenX (but all are welcome 😄) turn your Profession, Problem Solved or Passion into monthly membership income and a paid community.

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