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How to Build a Skool and Get Paying Members in 30 days
Finally, it's here. The simple to understand and structured week-long Skool Mastery class is complete and in the Classroom area. This is a nearly 3 hour Masterclass that others are charging for and I'm giving you free. In 7 days you will know the what, why, and the how of Skool and how to maximize it to sell your advice online for monthly income. Consider this your foundation. I also give a sneak preview of what you'll get when you upgrade to the Full Skool Mastery 30-day program including how to Build, Market and Scale. So watch this video explanation and let me know if you have any questions.
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Sign me up! Take my money. Let's do this
Module 1 video
Hi everyone and @Chuck Ellis Okay, it took me a while to get this re recorded. I have been working insane hours, and 3 kids keeps me busy with activities every night. This is why I need this to work <3 How is this video with the background now?
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@Josh Gerhardt let's go! I'm back from Mexico. While I loved both trips (Kenya and Mexico) it is time I start doing this so I can keep travelling. Lol
How Can I Help You?
I developed this short quiz awhile back and the only thing that has changed since I created it is the name of the program. Digital Launchpad has become PackageSell Select. Your feedback helps me understand what you need more of and how I can be of the greatest value to you. Please take 2 minutes to complete this survey so we can your community experience the best possible.
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I need a daily check list. Lol that dopamine hit.
The results are in! 🎉🎉
Based on the early results of the poll I conducted last week, the majority prefer a Friday morning free workshop time slot. So….. the new weekly session will be Friday mornings at 10:00 am EST (schedule can change but advance notice will be given). The first couple will be the testing phase to work out the kinks. Excited to bring this to you!!
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8am here - it'll be likely loud with kids getting ready for school. Will it start on this Friday? ?
Hard Work
Total transparency time and really what it takes. On February 15, 2024, I had a dormant free community called the Solo Creator Club. Through daily TikTok lives just educating about a I have knowledge and results from, we’re at 300 today. I’ve also welcomed 6 new members to our Select private membership in the last week. This is in large part to free onboarding calls that really provide clarity and a solid game plan for new members. The key to gaining know like and trust is to show people you care BEFORE they pay you and the best way to do that is give them your time. I realize as we continue to grow at 6-10 new members a day, I’ll have to cap the onboarding calls to a specific number of members each month. However, that’s a great problem to have. Just thought I’d share the journey with you. Any questions or comments? Drop them below. I might even make a video to explain if enough people want it.
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Wowza. Drop that knowledge. I'm still not able to go live on TT. I may try YT. IG is dead to me
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