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Training This Friday 11am PST-Database Reactivation Campaign
Reactivating a new clients database is one of the easiest sales. I've been closing deals at $997 up front for this campaign. It's low risk for the client since they don't need to run ads and you can easily use this this campaign to grow your GHL business. This training is for affiliates only and I will be breaking down the whole model. Selling script, Facebook/Tik Tok ad, and how to actually run a database reactivation campaign for your new clients. Make sure to mark your calendars!
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Dialing In Your Paid Ads Lead Gen Machine
So far this month we've booked around 54 calls. 60% have showed up and 30% have closed. Resulting in 10 new saas clients and $7,800 cash collected. This is all a result of a simple ad I've been running to my niche. Paid ads is the #1 way to scale without a doubt. We are just getting started. The plan is to scale ad spend to about $500/day and then up to $1000/day or more as I can bring on more closers. And get close rate up to at least 40% across the board. If you would like some help dialing this in for your agency and I'm offering some one off consulting calls.
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Update video- scaling my agency to 100k/month
-The biggest lever we pulled to double our up front cash collected - The recruiting funnel responsible for building an A team - our exact sales numbers for the month
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We booked 108 calls for my agency in August
Using the same principles taught in the course here. There's no reason you can't be growing your business. Stop being afraid of spending money on ads. Grab a damn 0% interest credit card to leverage your ad spend and help your cash flow. Paid ads is the #1 way to get clients for your agency!
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