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I give almost everything I've learned about running an online business at 35k/month over the last 5 years for free.
Plug into the power of a community. Our values are:
✅ Generosity
✅ Grace Over Grind
✅ Profit Over Revenue
✅ Recurring Revenue Over Unstable One Time Payments
✅ Marketing Does The Selling
✅ Business Is A Calling
✅ Fun
✅ Faith
✅ Love Our Clients Well
You'll learn strategies on how to:
🚀 Create stable recurring revenue
🚀 An aligned offer that suits your season of life
🚀 Create a business you absolutely love showing up to
🚀 Grow with more ease and Grace instead of hustle and grind.
🚀 Create a client attraction system so you never have to chase prospects
🚀 Create Essence Content that does the selling and attracts your tribe
You'll get access to free courses, some meetups, and random live trainings.
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Freedom Creators
A community of coaches, consultants, experts, and agency owners wanting to create freedom of time, money, and purpose.
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