Welcome. Please introduce yourself and others to the community
Welcome aboard. Thanks for enriching our community.
The free self-hypnosis course is in the “Classroom” tab at the top. Be sure to use the audio several times after watching the training. If you need help, post in the Self-Hypno & DTTF Help category.
Please let the community know of your progress in the success stories category!
You will find the schedule for the free training webinars in the calendar tab.
Please introduce yourself and others:
Would you mind introducing yourself in a post: age, occupation, country. Tell us about your dreams, goals, challenges, obstacles. Also, please add one memorable anecdote/story or insert a picture.
Our mission is to bring this technology to the world. We need Your help. The best compliment you can give us is to introduce this community to your friends, family, relatives, colleagues and to anyone whom you believe could benefit. So, please don't be shy, you can change someone's life for the better
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Welcome. Please introduce yourself and others to the community
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