How to Navigate MindChrysalis
Hi all! Welcome to MindChrysalis, where we show you how to re-wire your core subconscious beliefs to up-level your life. Be sure to check out our free 6-part subconscious optimization course. To access, click "Classroom" in the upper-left, and then click on "SOS Free" to access the course.
SOS Free is powerful! If you take it seriously and use it intentionally, it very well could change your life. It already has for several members of this group!
If you'd like to see the Subconscious Optimization System (SOS) in action, we have 2 dozen+ interviews on my YouTube channel. The results are AMAZING. You can watch them here:
ALSO anyone who would like a FREE, 1-on-1 30 minute consult with me, click here to schedule:
You will have me for 30 minutes, to ask any question you like, or have me help you with the SOS Free program.
There are 2 other hypnotists in this group, who do a YouTube show with me every Saturday. You may contact them here:
Contact Jordan on X - @jkurtzhypnosis
Contact Tim:
Premium resources include the SOS complete program, which has 10 times the content of the SOS Free course, and complete 1-on-1 "deep dive" sessions with me. There's more information on these resources here:
Welcome to the community. If you have any questions, be sure to post as I or members of this community are happy to help.
W Ryan Fowler
How to Navigate MindChrysalis
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