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Nobody here has a problem. Nobody!!!
It is not that we are victims. Forget the victimisation by losers. Be a winner because you ARE a winner in yourself. TURN IT OUT IN PEACE! Hehehe, unavoidable question in that context: Is Andrew Tate a winner, and how strong is he in himself? I am very keen on reading your views!
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@Liam Spence That's about what I've heard. I hear it's improved but most or all info is still available online. Really it's amazing what you can find on YouTube. I paid a guy $4000 for digital marketing coaching, only later to find there was actually much more complete and better information on YouTube. There's a little coaching too, but very limited given the low number of coaches and vast amounts of enrollees.
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@Liam Spence and someday someone will say the same thing about you when you're a household name :)
Spending 4th of July Weekend with Family was a Poor Decision
It was nice seeing family members I haven’t seen in over a year. But seeing a few others made me remember why I’ve been gone for so long. To be honest my self-esteem has taken a hit since last Thursday. I’m just tired of being treated poorly by people I love. I’ll be gone by Thursday but I know something has to change.
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Yeah it sucks, but you're getting stronger Mike! Sorry for your struggles. I've been there.
It has begun!
Hey everyone, I haven't been on here for a while and it's been an up and down time recently. The bad... well I was recently with no warning made redundant from my pretty good sales position just over a month ago. This wasn't down to anything I had done it was just business as the sales team was all let go of. So that was a gut punch. Now onto the not just good but very good! After asking in the group sometime ago and asking both Ryan and Jordan specially about the steps they took to becoming a hypnotherapist (Thanks by the way guys!) I bit the bullet! I found somewhere that is somewhat local to me where I can do the course in person. I know now we can do a lot of things online and it's just as good (I did a few good courses myself like this) however I felt this needed an in person type learning. I talked to the tutor and looked at the modules of the course. They all sound awesome, there's even a section on setting up a business after you know what you are doing of course. The class will begin in September this year and take place in York if all the spots get filled. Which shouldn't be an issue as they only do smaller classes which is good. I already have some idea of hypnosis and how it works thanks to Ryan and the community/content. I did train to be a counsellor years ago and couldn't go along with it as I didn't belive the methods were effective enough to learn it at degree level and get in all that student debt. I feel like everything is coming around full circle as i wouldnt of discovered hypnosis if i had not made that decision years ago. This kind of proves that if you are looking for answers you will eventually find them as everyone around me thought I made a terrible mistake not pursuing counselling at the time. But I knew in my gut it wasn't right for me. Even though being unemployed at the moment sucks, this too shall pass. So if you are struggling and seem a bit lost keep pushing forward. You are already further along than most just being in here!
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Onward and upward Liam! You got this and congrats on signing up for the hypno course. I'm just curious how much the course costs? I'll be offering something similar in a year or two.
We're Starting the Webinar in 10 Minutes!
Come on the free webinar! We're talking about projection, toxic shame, our subconscious, and how and why hurt (traumatized) people hurt others. Check out the Calendar for the link. See you there!
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@K M will upload tonight.
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@K M The webinar has been uploaded.
Webinars are Back! Every 1st & 3rd Monday Starting June 17
Hi all, webinars are back! 1st and 3rd Monday at 5PM Pacific/8PM Eastern every 1st and 3rd Monday. This Monday we'll be talking about the 5 subconscious traumas, and then we'll do Q&A to help with using the self-hypnosis program, or any similar matter. The webinar is posted to the calendar. Please post here with future suggestions or DM me. See y'all on zoom soon!
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@Jordan T No next week. I posted about it. I'm out of town today. We'll do one next week and then another the week after. The next webinar is on why hurt people hurt people - what psychology traumatized people hurt others. It will include a discussion of projection, narcissism, BPD and sociopathy.
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@K M habits are sort of upper level subconscious, although core identity absolutely affects what we do as well. The book Atomic Habits is a great read for this. He did a year of research before writing it, then made it a very easy to understand subject in his book. I will definitely consider this suggestion, thanks K M.
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